Thursday, April 30, 2009

Artist Statement

Artist Statement:
No matter what I am doing or where I am, I am always an observer. I am so compelled by details that I often lose sight of the big picture, which, based on my experience, is generally seen as the main focus in everyday situations. My sketches reflect my personal fascination with the little particulars in my world. My sketchbook is a way of understanding my attraction to them and visually expressing what I experience as their meaningfulness and beauty, whether the subject be a plastic bag hanging on a door knob, a leaf or someone's foot. Within the pages of my sketchbook, the details in my world lose that sense of feeling arbitrary or unimportant. Suddenly they matter. I am fascinated by the idea of selecting items that are often assumed to be mundane and worthy of little contemplation. When I give them the spiritual attention they deserve through the act of sketching, I feel as though the universe is more in balance.
My idea of sketchbook is to capture places and people in action. I like to sketch places like farmers market, farm, railway station, airport, sports event etc. Drawing something in sketchbook makes it seem so lively to me as compared to photographing it. It also leaves beautiful memory of place, person or action.

Sometimes I love to sketch part of my kitchen, bedroom or any room, pots and pans, kid’s toys, bike, plants on the windowsill etc.

I like sketching spontaneously in pen or pencil but sometimes I love to do quick watercolor sketching or add pencil color to my sketch. I am also thinking of adding collage work and words to my sketchbook.

If I am traveling to some country I would love to draw things that reflect their culture like, their dresses, food, music, and art.

I liked the angle at which bike was standing.

I cut this papaya last weekend and was so facinated by its color and freshness and felt like sketching it right away.

I love to sketch kids shoes.

My daughter watching something.